[ISO 9001 Accreditation]

The ISO 9001 standard was created by the International Organization Standardization through collaboration with experts from multiple global organizations and is considered a best practice around the world. Whats more, ISO 9001 certification can be a requirement for organizations to bid on government and non-government service contracts. (The 2015 refers to the last year in which the standards were revised.) To achieve its ISO 9001 certification, Data Dimensions underwent an examination of its entire process by an independent auditor licensed by the ISO. This audit, which required more than a year of preparation on the part of Data Dimensions, looked at the companys documents, management systems, product development and all other aspects of its operations. Its very, very process based, said Data Dimensions Process Improvement Manager Brian Kvapil, who coordinated the ISO 9001 certification audit. What it says is that you have systems in place to meet clients expectations regarding cost, delivery time and, most importantly, quality of service. Jon Boumstein, Data Dimensions Round Up|about Iso 27001 President and CEO, said that as well as allowing Data Dimensions to pursue new contracts, having ISO 9001 certification demonstrates that the company is dedicated to making sure clients needs are met every step of the way. The ISO 9001 certification tells our clients that they can be assured we have processes in place to give them the highest quality services and solutions, Boumstein said. Its the seal of approval. To learn more about Data Dimensions Government Solutions, go to datadimensions.com/industries/government/ . About Data Dimensions Since 1982, Data Dimensions has been helping clients better manage business processes and workflows by bridging the gap of automation, technology, and physical capabilities.

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More View photos Sands China team members get the chance to make their homes more energy efficient -- such as by recycling old light bulbs and switching those out for energy-efficient LED bulbs at a discounted price -- during the Energy Saving Roadshow held at Sands China properties back-of-house areas March 27-31. More On Saturday, March 25, the company participated in Earth Hour for the 9th ISO 45001 consecutive year, turning off lights at all its properties. Beginning at 8:30 p.m., exterior lights and non-essential indoor lights were turned off for one hour at all Sands China properties-- Sands Macao; The Venetian Macao; The Plaza Macao featuring Four Seasons; Sands Cotai Central featuring St. Regis, Conrad, Sheraton, and Holiday Inn; and, for the first time since its grand opening last September, The Parisian Macao. The global Earth Hour initiative has a goal of raising awareness of climate change by encouraging eco-conscious individuals, communities, households and businesses to switch off their lights for one hour. Sands China then followed up this year's Earth Hour observance with a Climate Week event, engaging team members to take action on climate change (Twitter hashtags #ECO360 and #ChangeClimateChange). Held March 27-31 at employee back-of-house areas, Climate Week featured an Energy Saving Roadshow. It encouraged team members to save energy at home and further support the environmental goals of Earth Hour and Sands ECO360 degreesby changing out their homes' incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs for ultra energy-efficient LEDs. Team members were able to buy LED bulbs at the roadshow at a discounted price, and to bring in their old lightbulbs from home for recycling. Read More "Sands China always looks forward to supporting Earth Hour, and we are pleased to have added our own Climate Week event this year as well for our team members," said Mark McWhinnie, senior vice president of resort operations and development for Sands China Ltd. "Both of these initiatives raise awareness about the importance of environmental sustainability and are in line with the goals of our Sands ECO360 degreesglobal sustainability strategy." With Earth Hour and Climate Week, Sands China continues its long-held strategy of implementing green initiatives at its properties.

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